Our Core Values


We strive to uphold the principles of tolerance, pluralism, mutual respect and peaceful coexistence with all, due to the diversity of our membership. We hold dear the values of tolerance and respect; therefore we believe everyone in GNAT has the right to a voice, both individually and collectively. We encourage individual members to lawfully participate in the affairs of the Association and the state, as well as exercise their civic and political rights, as and when required.


The heath, safety, economic, political, and environmental crises faced globally requires the ability and capacity of the Association to recover quickly from uncertainties. Therefore, an essential value for the Association for inclusion is Resilience.


Unity of purpose , thought and action are the main achievements of industrial peace. Therefore, the strength of GNAT in the industrial relations environment resides in the unity among its members and the tripartite actors. Therefore, unity is still an important core value which must be maintained. A peaceful and cordial relationship between the Political and Administrative wing of the Association is an antidote for the survival of GNAT. 


As a trade union, we are proud of our tradition of solidarity, unity and use of negotiations to resolve industrial disputes. We have strength in our unity and in our diversity. We live by the principle of “Touch one, touch all".


We are honest and responsible in the management of the Association’s resources. We encourage transparency in all matters and accountable to our members. We expect nothing less than honesty from all our people and we work untiringly to build trust among our members.